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Anne Curtis Another Achievement

ANNE CURTIS sings ABS-CBN “Sukob Na” Station ID Image Credit: ABS-CBN

Anne Curtis, after receiving great achievements in Showbiz, not just being an actress, a bankable product endorser, a TV Host, she is now fulfilling one of her greatest dream and frustration in life, to be a singer.

Anne Curtis started her singing career in Showtime. She has been the recognized by her co-hosts as one of the greatest singer in her generation. Together with DJ MOD, they recorded “We’ll Get There”, sung by Anne Curtis. You can watch it below. You can even download this on iTunes now.

Another achievement of Anne Curtis was televised last August 28, 2011, singing ULAN, the ABS-CBN Rainy Days Station ID for 2011, which was first seen on ASAP Rocks.

The ABS-CBN Rainy days Station ID, features the different Kapamilya artist with their respective shows like Umagang KayGanda, Kris TV, Showtime, Happy Yippe Yehey, Maria La del Bario, Banana Split, Guns and Roses, etc.

The Madlang people was surprised hearing Anne Curtis’ voice singing the Rainy Days Station ID but also feels very proud with Anne Curtis reaching another milestone and maybe her stepping stone in the Music Industry.

2011 is the year of the singing career of Anne Curtis. She said that his album was already finished and she was just choosing the format of the album, whether in CD or the Digital format. Her album will be released after her European vacation with her friends.

Below is the video of ABS-CBN “ULAN” Rainy Days Station ID 2011 featuring our very own, Anne Curtis.

“Don’t LIMIT yourself to do the things you want.”

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