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P-noy State Visit to China

The 25 million worth of visit of Philippine President Benigno S Aquino III, is intended to renew the bonds of the Philippines and China, especially in trade and have reached an agreement on territorial disputes in the Western Sea of ​​the Philippines (South China Sea) during the strike last month questioned the relationship the two countries.

While most activities will focus to stimulate trade and investment between the two countries,the main purpose of the visit of Pnoy, is to maintain the good relationship between the Philippines and China

In recent days, diplomats from both countries are peddling optimistic statements. The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ma Zhaoxu said that Aquino is to meet with Chinese officials, in particular the intensification of bilateral relations, exchanges and cooperation in all fields and coordination between the two countries at regional and international levels.

China is ready to work with the Philippines, the bilateral strategic cooperation to promote new achievements of the guests, Mr. Ma Zhaoxu said in a statement.

Philippines and China have exchanged accusations in recent months on the dispute in the waters of the western sea of ​​the Philippines. Both have shown their willingness to solve the problem, but the method of solution of the matter is different. The Chinese government wants to solve the problem through direct bilateral conferences, while the Philippines did not bring the issue to the United Nations.

As expected, Ma said the two sides signed several agreements on cooperation in trade, culture and media.

During the trip of Mr. Aquino, the Philippines and China to sign bilateral pacts with investment treaties projects totaling $60 billion.

China is the third largest trading partner of the Philippines, 27-billion U.S. dollars in trade.

Pnoy was with 200 Philippine business representatives hoping to clinched major investment deal.

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