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Lolong – on diet?

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Image Credit - Reuters Photo

A 20-foot saltwater crocodile captured six days ago was not eating and said to be stressed because of how it was handled and trapped.

The crocodile, named Lolong, was considered as the world’s largest saltwater crocodile captured alive and now the most attraction of local and international press.

The Bunawan Mayor decided to make Lolong as one of the tourist attraction in their town. Although some animal advocates want Lolong to be released, the Officials just want to ensure the safetiness of their residents.

The hunting team took 3-weeks of tiring hunting. A crocodile was reported to kill a child 2 years ago, and is suspected to eat a fisherman who is missing since July. The fisherman was last seen on the bridge of the river where crocodiles are said to be staying. Another report was when the residents saw a crocodile eating a buffalo.

The 20-foot crocodile  was named after the death of the leader of the Hunting Team, Lolong. Lolong died because of stroke.

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NASA’s Cassini orbiter snaps unbelievable picture of Saturn

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Sometimes reality is just as stunning as science fiction

Science fiction movies have spoiled us on high definition views of our planetary neighbors, but real-life photographs with equal jaw-dropping potential are exceedingly rare. That’s what makes NASA’s awe-inspiring snapshot of Saturn (hi-res version here) such a stunning piece of eye candy.

Taken by NASA’s Cassini robotic orbiter, the shot was captured from the dark side of Saturn as the Sun’s bright rays illuminated every piece of dust and debris circling the planet. Cassini has offered astronomers a never-before-seen look at Saturn and revealed more information about the planet than any craft before it. The craft has taken so many pictures of the ringed wonder that they were recently made into a short flyby film that looks like it was created by George Lucas rather than a robotic space explorer.

The Cassini probe was launched in 1997 and took a further 7 years to reach Saturn’s orbit. The total cost of its overarching objective of studying the ringed planet stands at a staggering $3.26 billion. However, the wealth of information it has wrought — including amazing pictures like the one above, and recordings of massive lightning storms on the planet — have already made it one of the best investments in space exploration. Hopefully Juno — which began a 5-year trek to Jupiter just last month — will bring us some equally stunning shots of Saturn’s neighbor.

[Image credit: NASA]

Original article from Tecca.

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California Man Bite a Python

September 5, 2011 Leave a comment

David Senk, California man, was arrested because he is being accused of biting a python snake measuring 3 to 4 feet in length. He was in the custody of police after a man and another woman reported  what happened. They said that Senk asked them to hold their python (that is their pet, isn’t it weird?).

After letting him(Senk) hold the python, he did two large bites from the python leaving the snake injured and his face with blood. The poor python underwent surgery.

Senk admit what he has done to the snake. He said that he was a long time alcoholic person and when he gets drunk, he gets crazy, and he can do crazy things.

The python was said to be recovering after being brought to a veterinarian.

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